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2010-02-25 16:48:25 by b0b3rt

I got one?

Well, I guess if Helth/MillsApparatus can get one, so can I!

Top 5... Again!

2010-01-13 00:23:36 by b0b3rt

Thanks for the top 5! Didn't really expect to get another one, especially on a remix of my first top 5 XD
Mostly because it's a bit different then what I feel like most of NG expects in a techno piece.. but I guess not!

New mix up!

2009-12-23 02:17:35 by b0b3rt

New mix of Aspiration up, finally.

Topped the lists again!

2009-11-18 00:11:24 by b0b3rt

Top 5, number 2 AND 20 of all time?

Guys, thanks =D Guess I'm on my way =P

I'll be posting new songs regularly, I hope.

Top 30?

2009-11-11 15:31:02 by b0b3rt

Heh, thanks.
Surprised actually that it wasn't that Lance Remix, I liked that one better =P

And, HELLO 0-Bombers! =(

Go check out my newest song! /287303